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Who We Are

Hello, We’re Serge and Wendy Albert, Chefs and Owners Tempo Restaurant.


Nestled in the West End, Tempo Restaurant is one of Alexandria’s best-kept secrets. This elegant, but unpretentious, neighborhood restaurant is where the locals dine. Tempo’s menu displays a blend of northern Italian and French cuisine, featuring fresh seafood. We have a 4.6 star rating on Google Maps and known for its innovative dishes and extensive wine list.

Our History

I got started into grilling as a teen. I didn’t get to practice much then, but the art of making food in a way our ancestors once did was fascinating to me.

Now that we’re married, had kids, adopted kids, and spent a lot of time entertaining friends and family, I’ve learned a lot about grilling foods that everyone seems to love.

I’ve even been honored for being the honorary Thanksgiving turkey smoker with the in-laws. Pretty impressive, huh?

About Serge and Wendy Albert

Serge regularly contributes to this site as an author, is the lead content strategist, and serves as the chief editor. When not grilling or blogging about food he is being a data nerd.

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  • Business Woman of the Year 2006.
  • Alexandria’s Small Business of the Year 2008
  • Winner of the Environmental Leadership Award of Restaurant Management 2010

Tempo full dinner room

tempo guests

Our Team

Our team has grown to include another author and a recipe developer and multiple regular contributors (and growing). The quality of our team’s work has led to mentions by some of the top publications in the world including Fox News, Parade Magazine, Parents Magazine, AAA, Bustle, Mashed, Better Homes and Gardens, and hundreds more!


The Menu

tempo-food We’ve had the opportunity to try many types of grills, smokers, and just about all grilling accessories you can imagine. We’ve found what works well…and what’s a complete dud.

we want to help you save time and money by avoiding those duds and finding the best options for you and your family.

Whether it’s trying a few new recipes, different grilling techniques, or guiding you through the grill buying process, we’re here to help!

If you have questions, concerns, or just want to say “Hi,” please feel free to reach out to me directly at hello@temporestaurant.com

Contact Us


From Springfield/395:
Take Exit 34, Duke Street for 2.2 miles.Tempo Restaurant is on the
left at the corner of Duke and North Gordon.

From Maryland/ Wilson Bridge:
Take the Beltway to Telegraph Road exit. Follow 236 West/Duke
Street for 2.5 miles. Tempo Restaurant is on the right at the corner
of Duke and North Gordon.

From DC:
Take 95 to Quaker Lane East exit. Pass over 395, and follow Quaker
Lane until it dead ends at Duke Street. Turn right and follow Duke
for 1.9 miles. Tempo Restaurant is on the right at the corner of
Duke and North Gordon.

Tel: 703.370.7900
Fax: 703.370.7902
Email: tempo@temporestaurant.com / tempo.restaurant@verizon.net